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Starting line

«Miss Béatitude» is a Globe Trotter! !

Coquille Béatitude coquillage
Réf : #2023-11

Born in the north of France, she crossed the country to arrive in the south of France in the commune of Hyères-les-Palmiers (Côtes-d’Azur) 🌞

As soon as she arrived, no time to rest! 🌬

She gets embarked on a road trip to the United States with :

💚 tom 💛 zélie 🧡 jennifer and 💙 romaine

Coquille Béatitude coquillage
Réf : 2023-11

« Towards the Grand Canyon« 


Extraordinary place

The Grand Canyon South Rim

«With a depth of up to 1,857 meters and a maximum width of nearly 29 km in places, the Grand Canyon, which stretches from southern Utah to northern Arizona, is one of the most fascinating natural wonders on the globe.» 🌎


Le Grand Canyon
« Dizzying precipices and wild landscapes, make this spectacular place a place of well-being and bliss.« 

A perfect place for «Miss Béatitude»!

A huge thank you

A huge thank you for thinking of our Simon and his companions during your road trip in the USA. There’s no word, it’s just Beautiful and Magical.

Le grand canyon bisous volants coquillage Béatitude
It is certain that Simon is happy with the place where you deposited sweet flying kisses❣️

It is a place on earth that gives us the impression that time stops. This desire to stay for thousands of hours contemplating the horizon in all lightness…

The sunrise

Faced with this beauty that nature gives us, «Miss Béatitude» has found her place perfectly to start her adventure !!!

There is no word for this majestic scenery that Mother Nature offers us.

LIVE the present moment at 100,000%.

Maybe this is paradise! Don’t you think?!

He watches over you during your expedition and enjoys through this pebble of this place 💙
He loves you too for sure 💖

the adventure continues….

Give us your news « jolie Miss », and share us photos of your adventures.
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